If this is your first time getting a reading or if you’re just not sure what to expect here is some good information to know in advance.

The messages and insights you receive come directly from your angels, spirit guides, and the divine. Ethically, I feel that it is my responsibility to deliver these messages in the most direct, unobscured, and clearest manor that I possibly can.  This can sometimes produce unconventional, unexpected, or uncensored results.

The accuracy and effectiveness of your session is not affected by working together remotely so whether your session is done via email, via phone, via video, or via skype – know that we are working with energetic realms that are outside of linear time and space. I find no difference in the healing, guidance, messages, or experiences shared when your session is done in person or over long distances.

Readings and other workings are always done from within a sacred space. Before each and every reading, I undergo a series of physical and spiritual preparations to cleanse, protect, and connect my mind, body, and spirit energetically.

I’m typically pretty quick about getting readings done and aim to have them for you within 72 hours or sooner from the time of your order – but be aware that sometimes readings, sessions, and appointments may take up to 10-14 days to be completed and available for you. This includes all Astrology Charts to allow me time to study your chart. Any time frames may be extended depending on the type of services being provided to allow for the completion of a full moon cycle to best utilize different energies or aspects depending on what we are doing. All sacred tools, jewelry, and other items are blessed before being sent, and keep in mind that custom orders will require additional time to complete. I will always be sure to complete and deliver your order and as quickly as possible!


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for appointments are accepted without a fee with 24 hours advanced notice from your scheduled appointment time. You may contact me via email, text, or phone and we will reschedule. If you miss the appointment without sending an email, text or call in that time frame then you will be charged a set up fee of $20 for my time.


Confidentiality & Client Rights

All sessions are completely confidential. The messages, assignments, practices, or other information you receive is designed by the divine, your angels, and your guides to help you gain insight, empowerment, and perspective within a safe space that can be a powerful conduit for your own unique and powerful experience. Your comfort and trust are first and foremost because they are so important to this process. I always want you to feel like you have the information you need at all times and that you can be comfortable asking any questions you may have along the way.

I want you to make sure that even before you schedule whatever type of session or service that you may be getting that you have a full understanding of what we will be doing and what you are getting – whether that relates to a tarot card reading, an astrology chart, or a shamanic journey. Be sure you are fully aware of what you are paying for! Never hesitate to ask questions or get elaboration at any point of this process because it is absolutely your right to do so and I fully encourage you to be sure that you come into this process with a full understanding of what we will be doing. Keeping these lines of communication open between us throughout this process can be a very fundamental and especially rewarding part of the journey!