New Decks!

Got a bunch of new decks which are now available to choose from for your readings! The Wild Offering Oracle Gateway Oracle Cards Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards Crazy Sexy Love Notes Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes Animal Tarot Golden Universal Tarot Shadowscapes Tarot The Fountain Tarot Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards Wisdom for Healing […]

Monday Mantra

Welcome to the new Monday Mantra series where I will be posting a weekly meditation about whatever I am currently meditating, focusing, or will be praying on for the week. I am going to get us started with a very simple message I recieved today – and it’s to focus on worrying less and letting go of the things we can’t control. Nothing fancy, no […]


We are currently moving the shop to a bigger and better space and will be on hiatus from doing readings, taking orders, or posting to the blog until we are all settled into the new space. We will have so many new and exciting things coming when we return – be sure to check back! […]

Card of the Day {Sunday, March 15, 2015}

Yesterday I got Alana Fairchild’s Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck. I just love her decks! This one is no exception with gorgeous imagery, the typical extensive guidebook, and this deck is very focused on creativity which has an amazing variety of uses for artists and creative works of many kinds. I think it’s a really versatile […]

Card of the Day {Monday March 9, 2015}

Have been enjoying all of the interactive style readings going around lately, and decided to start doing daily draws here on the blog! Click on read more below and take a moment to view the image there and decide which of the cards in it you are most drawn to. Remember the number that matches […]