Card of the Day {Monday March 9, 2015}

Have been enjoying all of the interactive style readings going around lately, and decided to start doing daily draws here on the blog! Click on read more below and take a moment to view the image there and decide which of the cards in it you are most drawn to. Remember the number that matches the card you select and scroll down to view the results!


………………….Wait for it….

























And (drumroll please) here are the long awaited results:

 Made with Square InstaPic1. Priorities – King Solomon: Take time out today to make sure you are devoting time to your highest priorities. Let go of procrastination or perfectionism and take baby steps towards manifesting your goals to feel the most accomplished today. Be assertive about others demands on your time. (You can call on King Solomon to help build new projects, resolve dilemas, and foster tolerance amoung various spiritual paths.

2. Spiritual Law of Attraction – Melchizekek: Be conscious of what you are manifesting and attracting today. Know that the energy surrounding you is has been attracted to you, and you can shift this energy or maintain it by holding positive, loving, and joyful thoughts and visualizing what you desire. If you have already been doing this – this card is a sign that a wonderful new person or situation is being attracted into your life now. (Call upon Melchizedek for help in mastering manifestation and to understand esoteric wisdom)

3. Balance Career & Home Life – Isis: Things may feel unbalanced or out of whack for you today in some way. Take time time out to be sure your needs are being met and that you’ve taken time out to relax, play, and spend time with your loved ones. Keep healthy boundaries with your co-workers and your work life. You can rapidly shift and rebalance these energies in positive ways by practicing achieving balance and taking even just a short time out to spend your time in a meaningful way today. (Call upon Isis to help you find enough time and energy to enjoy all aspects of your life)

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