Card of the Day {Sunday, March 15, 2015}

Yesterday I got Alana Fairchild’s Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck. I just love her decks! This one is no exception with gorgeous imagery, the typical extensive guidebook, and this deck is very focused on creativity which has an amazing variety of uses for artists and creative works of many kinds. I think it’s a really versatile deck! It’s got a small amount of very tastefully done nudity and I love all the beautiful sacred geometry elements that are hidden within the images. I’m looking forward to getting to know this deck and finding different ways to work with it more. In that spirit, to help break it in we will (of course) be using it for the card of the day.

Take a moment to view the image below and decide which of the cards you are most drawn to. Remember the number and scroll down down to view the results!!!







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……..and while you’re here check out this adorable palmistry hand I just got!



Ooooh and while we’re at it… here’s a new workbook I got that I’m excited to check out and do some work with:



…………..okay! Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The results are:




1. Faith in the process – Whether you’re making a big transition in your life, exploring or struggling with your creative process, or whatever other situation it is that you find yourself dealing with today…have faith in the process and know that courage, strength, and help from invisible forces will see your through. Know that sometimes there is a bigger plan manifesting and have faith in divine timing and the perfection of the greater plan. Likewise, be aware of struggling to force a situation or outcome and allow yourself to be an open channel for the flow of life.

2. Be the Hunter, Not the Hunted – Stay on guard today! You may feel that you are at the beck and call of circumstances, situations, or relationships that are out of your control. You attention or focus may be torn, or you may be carrying more of your share of support for a person or situation that you need to. In any case, see through assumptions, expectations, tantrums or manipulations that may be put on you by others. You are capable of seeing the truth and responding to any old patterns in creative ways which can improve your relationships. Don’t be drawn into the drama of others. This card offers you wisdom medicine of the owl – the ability to hear what is not spoken and see what is hidden in darkness.

3. Collaborative Dreaming – You are being called to work with others today. You may have noticed a growing desire to co-create with conscious, like-minded people. Know that there may be rough patches that happen when you work creatively with others and you are asked to bear through them. Stay with integrity and honor throughout any trouble that arises as this can lead to the most growth. The particular guidance at this phase of your journey and life path is that you are no longer to think of yourself as the lone wolf. You will still do your own work, of course… But others are on the way way to help you and you have tasks to accomplish now for your own growth and the greater good that require more than a one-man-band. If you are involved in a group and are struggling over whether to continue or let it go and move on then trust your heart not to allow any group to become more powerful than the wisdom in your own heart.

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