Monday Mantra

Welcome to the new Monday Mantra series where I will be posting a weekly meditation about whatever I am currently meditating, focusing, or will be praying on for the week.

I am going to get us started with a very simple message I recieved today – and it’s to focus on worrying less and letting go of the things we can’t controlNothing fancy, no special bells, whistles or sanscrit necessary for this. While it may sound straight forward, there are a good majority of us that spend so much more time than we need to with our own anxiety. I will be the first one to admit how completely guilty I am of this. (In case you’d thought I was perfect up until now… Surprise! Consider the cat officially out of the bag.)

So for this week, I am going to be especially mindful of staying conscious of my general anxiety levels.  I plan to keep myself in check when I notice I’m engaging in needless worrying about something that I cannot control or need to let go of. Reminding myself that this is an area of opportunity and for me to keep my own energies in check and sheild and protect myself accordingly from outside influences or fears that are unproductive is the broader goal and intention here. As an action step for this, I am also making a commitment to take the time out to journal about any issues or triggers that persist after taking conscious actions to redirect my energy and focus. Hopefully this can help me to pinpoint and improve upon the areas that I find most challenging. In general I think it’s such a wonderful lesson in itself to recognize that so many times our worries and our anxieties are wasted and unproductive energy that is spent on areas we are not able to take actions toward resolving or improving. What we can do is take action towards controlling the direction and response we have to the things that are triggering us.

If you are like me and find that your own apprehensions and outside stresses could be managed better internally, please join me this week in starting a habit of closing off this energetic drain by transmuting your nagging emotional turmoils into a more refined skillset and talent for maintaining and directing your own focus and field. If not, I’d still love you to join me in the ritual of taking time each Monday to set the tone for your week with a mini meditation or mantra of your own that is more suitable! Be sure to share so we can keep bouncing this collective effort for positive growth and change together! What is it that you are commited to meditating on this week?

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