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“I have never experienced as consistently clear readings as I have with Aeron. I don’t know how she does it but she always manages to hone in on exactly what I need to hear!” -Allen C.


“Loved my Astrology report! It was so in depth and had so much detail that really put things into a whole new perspective for me. I’ve never understood my own chart this way before!” -Megan R.


“My reading described something I already know about myself & my past but it is the most accurate reading I’ve ever had.” -Terry L.


“All of your advice was really helpful and it helped me to feel so more more able to get things sorted out. This has given me a lot of things I can do and work on to get where I need to be. I can’t thank you enough!” -Sarah B.


“What an amazing experience! It really fit with everything going on right now. All of the insights just blew my mind and I am walking away feeling like I have so much more direction, wisdom, and understanding.” -Anna M.